Our Staff

Trained, Hardworking Professionals

One of the things we take pride in is having professionally trained and dependable staff. This is one reason we have had very little turn over in the staffing department. With each and every staff member staying for a average of 2 years and our current staff being with us for 21 years (Fay, Founder and Co-Owner), 19 Years (Logan, Co-Owner), 11 years (Ana, Senior Employee), and 1 year (Lori). Which means that each and every cleaning you will see the same staff members doing the same jobs. It also means that after the first couple cleanings the wonderful staff will have your house perfected and in turn be in and out of your house in the quickest time possible, which means your house is perfectly cleaned all the while saving you as much money as we possibly can, and having a staff that you get know and trust.

* We love animals!! While we are cleaning your house, we also give love and attention to your dogs or cats. We give them rubs, if they want to play and time allows it we will play, we will also take them out if they need it and there's a fenced in yard. For the time we are in your home we treat your pets as our own.

Fay with her granddaughter and future house cleaner Aliya!

Fay Pattimore

Founder/President/Operations Manager


A resident of Stouffville for the past 40+ years. She has garnered a reputation as a hard working small business owner who took a small one woman housecleaning company with one house, and turned it into a corporation that services upwards of 50 to 60 homes a month. Fay has just retired from cleaning aspect of the job after working more than 25 years cleaning houses. she can be found still working behind the scenes on things like, phoning clients, scheduling, going for the initial interview and initial quote. These are just some of the many things that fay does behind the scene. She is one of the most amazing business owners with a real sense of growth in her field.


Ana Ferreira

House Cleaning Specialist 

Ana has lived in Stouffville for 24 years, raising a family and creating a life for herself. Her main job on the team is Bathrooms and Kitchen. People believe that the bathroom is the dirtiest and bacteria filled room in your house. It'snot. the kitchen is the most bacteria filled room in your house. With Ana cleaning both of those rooms you can be guaranteed to be bacteria free and everything shining like new. Ana has mastered her craft and became an integral part of our team for over 11 years now. She has definitely learned from the best and in turn became an exceptional house cleaner. Ana knows how to clean every aspect of your home and truly make it shine. 

Logan and her daughter Ali, possibly the next owner of Maid To Order. Very possible!!

Logan Pattimore               

Co-Owner/Vice President/In Field Operations Manager

Logan has lived in Stouffville her whole life. She went to public school, and high school in town and now is raising a family in Stouffville. Has worked along her mother for over 20 years. Starting with working summer's with her mom and learned the basics of house cleaning. Then becoming full time where she has been taught by the best and thus became the best. Logan is so thorough she always checks her employee's work, just the same as the employee's check her work to give you the best cleaning expeience possible

Lori Hamerston

House Cleaning Specialist


Lori has lived in Stouffville her whole life in fact Logan and Lori knew each other in high school. She has carved out a life for herself here in Stouffville, where she raises her son. Even though Lori started about just over a year ago as a part-timer, she has been promoted to full time. She's a natural. Even though she started a short time ago, her skills have progressed beyond our expectations and is a professional house cleaner specializing but not limited to, vacuuming. She literally gets corner to corner and getting under everything she can. She vacuums any and all mats and area rugs and lifts them, vacuums underneath,and mops and puts them back. Her attention to detail is second to none and she will leave your floors sparkling clean.