What's the first thing you notice when you walk in a house. For most people it would be the floors. This is because most people look down so they don't trip over threshold. We at Maid To Order realize this and make every effort to make your floors shine. We go above and beyond like we do with everything, to make the first impressions stick in the mind of your visitors. Here's what we do.

  • First thing we do is bring in fresh and clean mop heads so that we don't bring other peoples dirt and grim into your house.

  • All your floors, whether hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, or carpet are vacuumed thoroughly.

  • We vacuum and mop under everything we can and we move and vacuum and mop under everything we can.

  • We vacuum and roll area rugs so we can vacuum and mop under them.

  • We vacuum pet beds and furniture.

  • When we leave every floor you have other than carpet will be thoroughly washed and all rugs, and mats returned to the floor. 

Wooden Floor