Everything in your house collects dust and because of that we dust everything from the smallest trinket, to the largest pictures. We know how unsightly it is to have a layer of dust all over everything when you are hosting a party, or just having a movie night with the family. Once you notice dust you can't take your eyes off it. Our team at Maid To Order take pride in eliminating all dust and cobwebs from your home so that you can entertain with a sparkling house. We do this by focusing on the following:

  • We use 3 different techniques to eliminate all dust from your house. We use a damp cloth, swiffers, and polish if needed. 

  • We dust all picture frames and windex all picture glass.

  • We clean all baseboards, doors and any marks that show up on your walls. 

  • We windex all mirrors, glass tables and glass doors.

  • We dust your beds, end tables and dressers.

  • We remove everything off of any shelves you have, dust the objects, dust the shelves, and return objects just as they were.

  • We clean all light fixtures that we can reach, and same with ceiling fans.

  • All your electronic equipment including T.V.'s, stereo equipment, and phones. 

  • All tables are wiped with a cloth.

  • All cobwebs are removed.