When we are done with your bathroom, everything will sparkle. From the facets and mirrors to the tubs shower and sinks. We take the same corner to corner cleaning approach as we do in other parts of the house and times it by a hundred. People look at bathrooms as the dirty part of the house, and even though its not we clean it like it is. Here's some of the things we focus on. 

  • Tubs and showers are cleaned top to bottom.

  • Toilet inside and out. 

  • Counters, cupboards, and baseboards all wiped down.

  • Sinks and facets thoroughly cleaned.

  •  All mirrors and glass whether its pictures, or showers are windexed.

  • Doors, windows, window ledges, and shutters are wiped down.

  • Shelves, towel racks, and light fixtures are all cleaned. 

  • All cobwebs are removed. 

Modern Bathroom