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    Small family owned house cleaning company that has been serving the Markham/Stouffville and surrounding area for more than 20 years. We started in the mid nineties with one house, and now we proudly serve over 50 to 60 customers a month, in either a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly cleaning slots. The odd time we are completely full but don't despair, we have a wait list, which means that you may have to wait a little longer, but we will do our absolute best to fit you in as quickly as possible. After all aren't some of the best things in life worth waiting for!

      Fay Pattimore started Maid to Order with nothing more than 1 house and a dream in 1997. It was just her and supporting a family, it was more out of necessity than passion, but that quickly changed as Fay had found her calling. Shortly before the turn of the century, her daughter Logan, joined her mother in cleaning homes as Fay was getting to where she had more work than she could handle. A great problem to have when you are realizing your dreams, but it was a point of grow more, or settle. No way was Fay settling. Logan came on board and we saw substantial growth every month. Logan is still with the company to this day, working side by side with her mom. Late 2000's hit and again they were at a crossroads, stay small or grow more, that's when Ana joined the crew,  solidifying a three person crew, that have been working together for over 11 years! The new edition to the team is named Lori and she came in about a year ago and she blew us away with her skills. Lori started as part time and after a year she was promoted to full time where she still continues to blow us away to this day.

      Now for some of the important stuff that will set your mind at ease. We are a insured and bonded company. Our prices are very competitive with other big named cleaning companies but with a small town feel, and a good ole fashioned work ethic that includes a deep corner to corner cleaning. You get to know the staff that comes into your house, instead of giving your hard earned money to a faceless company, that will cut corners whenever possible. Oh and one more plus, we love animals! So if you want a spectacularly clean home, by people that you can trust your most valuable possession with and your animals getting all the love and affection they can handle, then give us a  call at (905)640-4659 or email maid-to-order@hotmail.com also click the Facebook link and leave us a message.

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